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Battlefield 2 EU Classes

In Battlefield 2, the European Union fights alongside the United States of America against China and the Middle Eastern Coalition. They appeared in Battlefield 2: Euro Force as a playable faction….

Battlefield 2 CHINA Classes

In Battlefield 2, China is involved in a fictional war against the United States of America and are allied with the Middle Eastern Coalition. The People’s Liberation Army fight against the United States Marine Corps and the European Union. China also partially invades the United States in Battlefield 2: Armored Fury. Although they are usually on the defensive in these scenarios, Wake Island 2007 and Midnight Sun is an exception….

Battlefield 2 MEC Classes

As stated above, the MEC forces use a variety of weapons from Russia, as well as equipment used by the Europeans. The MEC predominantly wear desert camouflage uniforms. Kits with body armor wear helmets, the Medic/Engineer kits wear beanies, the Special Forces kit wears a green beret, and the Sniper kit wears a ghillie suit….

Battlefield 2 USA Classes

In Battlefield 2, the United States Marine Corps is one of the default playable three factions. They engage against the People’s Liberation Army and the Middle Eastern Coalition….