Password for the archive ( 123 ) Zone of Continuous Fire is a dynamic gameplay with interesting maps and sound effects, improved vehicles, added weapons that were not used in the game, including animations, textures, sounds and added new weapons for each team. In the new version 2.5.2 Beta: – Fixed maps, weapons, vehicles. – Added factions of Ukraine ys DNR from the game version 2.0. – Added new factions of Syria ys Isis, updated the Russian faction. – Added M2A2, Mi-35 Hind, Muscle Car, Trailer, EC635, WZ-11. – Added maps of the airport, Tampa Highway, Strike At Karkand. – The tanks have a new engine, sprint added. – Sights of stationary machine guns and M2HB machine guns have been added. – Upgrade of AI and weapons A-10, SU-39.

Battlefield 2